Chemical Services Authorization Form.? If you are a reasearcher at ISU, this form must be completed before we will accept samples from you, train you to use an instrument, or authorize after-hours entry to our facility labs.? The form must be printed out, because it requires traditional style signatures.? The signed form should be scanned in and returned to?Carlene Auestad via email.? She will type the information into a database; once we see that you are in the database, we can begin to work with you.

Chemical Services Authorization Form - External.? If you are not an ISU researcher, the external version of the Authorization form must be completed before we will accept samples from you. The form must be printed out, because it requires traditional style signatures. Instructions are on the form.


X-ray/Radiation Producing Device Worker Application?form.?This form is required to use CIF X-Ray facility and to be authorized work in 1707 Gilman Hall even if you are not using X-Ray instruments. ?Fill only the yellow marked fields, print the form and bring/send ?it to Dr. Arkady Ellern, 1711 Gilman Hall.

Access Request Form.? Most of our labs are open during the day; the exceptions are 1702 Gilman, and 1709 Gilman.? To access these labs or for after-hours access to the other labs, we must program the door locks to accept the prox chip in your ISU card.? The locks are reprogramed on Thursday afternoon. If you lose your ISU card or the chip stops working, this form can also be used to request access for a new card.?

CIF Checkout Form.? When you are preparing to leave ISU, you will be required to fill out a Graduate Student Checkout form, which you should obtain from your departmental office.? The Chemistry Graduate Student Checkout form contains a signature space for Steve Veysey, the manager of Instrument Services.? Steve will not sign unless you have completed the CIF Checkout form.? This gives us the information we need to remove access privleges to labs and to instruments.


Elemental Analysis.? Almost all elemental analysis measurements are done by staff.? Fill out the header information.? Do not fill out the results section.

Mass Spectrometry Sample Submission are in the process of being discontinued. Please check with Mass Spec lab staff for sample submission.

X-Ray Single Crystal Analysis, Submission form.? All Single Crystal X-Ray Determinations are done by staff. Please, fill the form and e-mail it to? BEFORE bringing the sample. MS EXCEL format Submission Form has instructions in "HowToFill" tab.